A Starting Point for Home Teaching Elementary Kids

Dear Community,

In the past couple of days, many parents from my daughter’s school community have been reaching out to ask where to start with home instruction. Our school will have a more structured system in place soon, and our principal currently is working tirelessly to ensure that our school’s families have all of the guidance and support they need.

Where might you start in the meantime if you need some home teaching and learning structure? Here are two suggestions.

Create a local online learning community. Some local families and I are holding live Zoom sessions throughout this week. We started as a texting group, and over the past couple of days, I’ve created a more concrete sign-up structure online with event postings, dates and times, and Zoom login information for each session. One parent is a professional artist and held an online art class today. As an English educator, I’m holding a session tomorrow on reading and writing. Another parent is a yoga instructor, so we’ll be doing virtual yoga with our kids tomorrow.

Supplement learning with digital, ready-to-go curriculum.

PBS and LA schools have teamed up to create weekly digital learning.

Open Education Resources (OER) has a wealth of free curriculum for most grade levels and a plethora of subject areas.

Scholastic also has put together some weekly projects for at-home learning.

I hope this helps as a potential starting point.

All my best,

Donna Scarlett

Teacher Lab Founder, Adjunct Teacher Education Professor, Education Consultant