Non-Profit Progress Update

Yes! We’re gaining momentum, and I’m eager to share our progress! A few updates:

1) We have assembled our initial board of directors. I’m still looking for one more board member with fundraising experience, so if you or someone you know may be able to help out with that, please private message/email me. My hope is to have us up and running as an official non-profit later this fall, and so hopefully all of you fabulous donors can officially write off your contributions!

2) Now that the initial board is official, I’m working through the next phase of paperwork (Articles of Incorporation).

3) We are carefully reviewing our video options again. I spent time earlier this summer doing some research and much of this week looking into how to get the biggest bang for (y)our bucks. Thankfully, I’m married to an audio expert, so I have gleaned some very valuable audio advice too. And, we have our first official video intern applicant! More updates on the video intern process soon – and if you know someone in SF who can volunteer 3-5 hours per week for video shooting or editing, please pass along our volunteer video intern posting. Ideally, we’re seeking 2-4 interns so that we can have someone on-site Monday-Friday.

FYI: Any interns we bring on will need to be background-checked and fingerprinted as part of standard school policy, and we’ll cover that cost for anyone we bring on board.