3 Ways to Develop Better Teacher Learning

I’ve taken a blog hiatus the past month or two to wrap up the school year as well as work on the specifics of starting a non-profit!

And so, I’m looking for your help to improve our schools and empower teachers.

 The new non-profit will be focused on these three key steps to make education more effective for everyone – and in particular, for novice teachers just starting out on their careers.

o   Create and distribute high-quality curricula, for FREE – teachers frequently experience a lack of access to high-quality curricula.  Often, they have to find it on their own and pay for it using their own money or actively seek out colleagues or mentors – this is hard for them because the first year or two of teaching is overwhelming and exhausting.

o   Create explicit guidance for implementation –  clear tools and instructions on how to effectively design and teach lessons and units, determine authentic student learning outcomes, align assessments meaningfully to learning goals, and move through/survive the day-to-day realities of teaching to integrate new curricula into new teachers’ classrooms.

o   Develop teacher skills – professional development for teachers on creating and implementing a quality curriculum.  Many teachers do not have the opportunity to learn these skills in their teacher-preparation programs.

1) $300 to pay for the cost of starting the non-profit 
2) $200 for legal advisement  for the paperwork and various filing requirements
3) $800 for 2 video equipment to film both high school ELA and science classes in action (our goal is to film EVERY DAY of the school year if we can)
4) $200 to get our website up and running – we are going to create it ourselves using WordPress, most likely, but we’ll need to buy a domain name and pay for web hosting initially.

I would also be interested in people willing to donate expertise for web design, branding, logos, or general infrastructure.

This will help my colleague KC and I with the setup for the non-profit organization and the seed of our curricula and tools.  Our plan is to use those to lay the groundwork for a more extensive outreach that can enable the organization to grow to a scale that can impact the quality of teaching in California and beyond.

Can you help us make this dream a reality? Then head on over to our GoFundMe page. Even a small donation of $1.00 will support us in getting closer to our initial funding goal.